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Google Bans Sexually Explicit Content From Websites Hosted On Blogger


Google is banning adult content from websites hosted on Blogger from next month, after the company updated regulations governing the use of media on its blogging service.

A company support page for Blogger explains that “starting March 23, 2015, you won’t be able to publicly share images and video that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity on Blogger.” Global News reports that emails were sent to Blogger users informing them of the policy change.

Google isn’t actually deleting any salacious websites, however. Blogs that fall foul of the new policy will be made private after March 23, Google said, unless they remove the content in question. That means they will be invisible to anyone but the blog owner and any associated admins. That said, new blogs created from March 23 that include sexually explicit material may be straight up deleted, the company explained.

There is a small caveat:

“We’ll still allow nudity if the content offers a substantial public benefit, for example in artistic, educational, documentary…

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TED scientists get the LEGO treatment

TED Blog


LEGOs are for building spaceships, crafting castles and getting lost in your couch. But what if they could be used not just to dream of lands long ago and times far away, but to inspire future scientists? That’s what writer Maia Weinstock had in mind when she made these STEM scientist action figures.

Weinstock has turned TED Fellows Jedidah Isler (an astrophysicist), Danielle N. Lee (a biologist) and David Sengeh (a bio-engineer), as well as TED speaker Mae Jemison (an astronaut) into miniature figurines using LEGOs. In the Scientific American article “It’s time for more diversity in STEM toys,” she explains why: increased racial diversity in STEM toys can help kids imagine (and then create) a world where Hispanic programmers and African-American chemists are the norm instead of notable exceptions.

STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering and Math — is a place where students in the United States are

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Google Play Music Increases Cloud Storage Limit To 50,000 Songs


Google has bumped the storage limit for its locker service for Google Play Music from 20,000 to 50,000 songs, giving users more than double the capacity to store their own collection in the cloud, over and above the extensive streaming library that makes up Google Play Music’s own category. The extended library allowance is a free upgrade for users, meaning people get the additional capacity without having to sign up for more Drive storage or anything like that.

The bump in available space is easy to take advantage of, and applies automatically if you’re already hosting your collection in Google’s cloud. If you haven’t yet used Google Play Music’s locker service, however, it’s pretty easy to get started, using the instructions provided by Google below:

  1. Sign in to Google Play Music with your Google account – Go to your computer and visit Sign up if needed.
  2. Claim your free…

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Congress Snipes And Gripes On Eve Of Net Neutrality Vote


It’s net neutrality eve, putting both Washington and Silicon Valley on collective edge. To some extent.

In service to you, I awoke early this morning so that I could tune into a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on the issue of net neutrality. However, the discourse was so dull, containing as far as I could tell the precise same talking points that have become rote through diminishing repetition, that I fell back asleep.

Even the $11 billion figure of supposed new taxes and fees that would materialize if the FCC’s plan is voted into effect was trotted out. Of course, as the FCC states on its website, the proposed order “will not impose, suggest or authorize any new taxes or fees.” So, either the FCC doesn’t get its own plan, or Congress is sluggish in its ability to do sums.

Regardless, only one of two House hearings that was set to occur today in fact…

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Library Lost & Found: Lessons from my Yoga Teacher

International Librarians Network

Photo: 'Silhouette 3 - Surya Namaskar' by Mahesh Telkar CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0 Photo: ‘Silhouette 3 – Surya Namaskar’ by Mahesh Telkar CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

Library Lost & Found is a US-based blog for library leaders. They feature a range of interesting pieces exploring libraries and leadership from a range of perspectives. They regularly share interesting ‘serious’ pieces such as their career advancement interviews – interviewing librarians about their career paths but they also share some fun creative pieces – looking for library lessons in all kinds of places. The piece we wanted to share with you today is one of those pieces entitled ‘Lessons from My Yoga Teacher’ :

At the very end of last night’s yoga class, as I lay in Savasana, trying to think about nothing, my mind wandered (as it often does during attempted meditation) to my yoga teacher.  There are many fabulous teachers at my studio, but there is one instructor in particular whose classes I love to attend.  I…

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Detroit To Finally Get Fiber-Optic Internet Thanks To Dan Gilbert


High speed fiber optic internet is coming to downtown Detroit thanks to Dan Gilbert’s Rock Ventures. The investment group recently confirmed that construction is underway on a fiber-optic network starting in the downtown area.

The network, dubbed Rocket Fiber, will serve residents and businesses and will offer internet connection 100 times faster than current services, Crain’s Detroit Business confirmed. Detroit will be the second major city in Michigan to get access to the super fast Internet. LightSpeed currently offers small pockets of gigabit Internet access in Lansing, Michigan and plans to start laying fiber in the Detroit suburb of Southfield early this year.

Providing access to gigabit Internet will go a long way to convincing others that Detroit is striving to move forward and Dan Gilbert’s entities are, as they say at Dan’s Quicken Loans, making every inch count. Combined with access to technical talent and inexpensive real estate, having…

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Twitter Throws Its Weight Behind The FCC’s Net Neutrality Push


Twitter backs the FCC’s push to pass new net neutrality regulations it underlined today, publishing a blog post calling for the passage of open Internet rules that will prevent throttling, paid prioritization. The company also advocated for the regulation of wireless connections under net neutrality rules.

The FCC will vote on its open Internet proposal later this week.

Given the long cycle of the net neutrality debate, Twitter is hardly the first company or voice to make its opinion known on the matter. But the company’s statement bolstering the FCC’s position, coming as it does just days ahead of the vote itself, carries new weight.

Twitter, however, stops short of supporting the specific legal foundation (Title II) selected by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan. Here’s the key section (Bolding: TechCrunch):

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed securing the legal foundation for these rules in Title II of the Communications Act (along with other statutory…

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