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Detroit: State Control Failed, Try Democracy for a Change

Diane Ravitch's blog

Tom Pedroni and Karen Twomey write in the Detroit Free Press that it’s time to restore democratic governance to the public schools of Detroit.

Plans and proposals are flying around from every district but all of them involve state control and privatization.

This is ironic as Detroit has had its fill of failed state control.

“All three proposals place inexplicable faith in the state’s ability to rectify the very problems that it, more than any other government entity, has created. Under the state’s watch for 13 of the last 16 years, the district has lost two-thirds of its students — more than 100,000 kids. Meanwhile, long-term debt has ballooned from around $700 million in 1999 to more than $2.1 billion today. Worst of all, state-mandated assessments, including the MEAP, reveal that Detroit’s students have lost even more ground to their state peers since 2009, when the state imposed emergency management.

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International Librarians Network

Λογοκριμένη Αλληλογραφία: Letter Opened by Censor, from Europeana CC-BY-NC_3.0 Λογοκριμένη Αλληλογραφία: Letter Opened by Censor, from Europeana CC-BY-NC_3.0

OpenGLAM is an initiative that  is dedicated to sharing knowledge and aims to build a global cultural commons for the world to use. Coordinated by the Open Knowledge Foundation, OpenGLAM works with cultural institutions such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums to open up their content and data  to the world through hands-on workshops, documentation and guidance.

The work of OpenGLAM is based on a belief in the importance of knowledge sharing for research, innovation and creativity.

The OpenGLAM Principles state:

Galleries, libraries, archives and museums have a fundamental role in supporting the advance of humanity’s knowledge. They are the custodians of our cultural heritage and in their collections they hold the record of humankind.

The internet presents cultural heritage institutions with an unprecedented opportunity to engage global audiences and make their collections more discoverable and connected than ever, allowing users not only…

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Summer Programs in DC: Cursive, Immigration, July 4th, Genealogy, Magna Carta and a Sleepover!

Education Updates

If you’ll be near Washington, DC, join us for our upcoming programs and professional development opportunities.

Magna Carta Family Day
Saturday, June 6, 10 a.m.–1 p.m.

Magna Carta Read the translation from Latin.

Celebrate 800 years of Magna Carta!  Meet Eileen Cameron and Doris Ettlinger, the author and illustrator of Rupert’s Parchment: Story of Magna Carta, a new book perfect for ages 6-11.  Participants will engage in hands-on activities as they discover more about this document that helped shaped how we think about rights.

Magna Carta is widely viewed as one of the most important legal documents in the history of democracy. With it, the King of England placed himself and England’s future sovereigns and magistrates within the rule of law. The copy housed at the National Archives was created in 1297 and placed on loan to the National Archives as a gift to the American people by David M. Rubenstein.

Saving Cursive: New tools in the fight for…

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Summer Professional Development

Education Updates

We still have a few spots available for summertime PD around the country.

Image of Wong Kim Ark who was denied reentry to the United States upon his return from an 1894 visit to China Denied reentry to the United States upon his return from an 1894 visit to China, San Francisco–born Wong Kim Ark was detained by the collector of customs in San Francisco. Wong filed a habeas corpus action against his detention. (Image from Departure Statement of Wong Kim Ark, 11/5/1894. From the Records of District Courts of the United States. National Archives Identifier: 2641490)

Teacher Professional Development at the National History Day National Contest

Teaching Historical Inquiry using Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange through Multiple Lenses of Immigration

June 15, 9–11:30 a.m. at the University of Maryland

How is history researched and written? Do students know how to read historical texts? How can you help your students construct a historical narrative and interpret historical themes? How can you enhance interest in a national topic by making local connections?

Join the National Archives for…

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Gmail’s New Login Screens Hints At A Future Beyond Passwords


Google quietly rolled out a new login screen for Gmail this week, and not everyone is happy with the update.

Where before, Gmail users would enter their username and password on the same page, the new login flow separates this process. Now, you’ll first enter your username, then be directed to a second page where you enter your password. Some complain that this change slows them down, while others point out that the update has broken their ability to log in using various password managers.

According to Google, the change was implemented to prepare for “future authentication systems that complement passwords.” The company is vague on the details as to what those may be, but may be referencing other methods to secure accounts like two-step/two-factor authentication, hardware dongles, or perhaps even some web-based variation of Android’s “Smart Lock” system.

That latter item allows Android users to keep their devices unlocked…

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How Tristan Walker Plans To Reach 5,000 Minority Students In Tech This Year


This morning at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, Walker & Co. founder Tristan Walker spoke about bringing more diversity to Silicon Valley and his plan to reach 5,000 black and Latina/o students this next year through his Code2040 program.

The former Foursquare exec and co-founder of Code2040 also runs the aforementioned Walker & Co., a health and beauty startup with a focus on people of color. Its first product, Bevel is a razor targeted towards those with coarse or curly hair.

Walker knows something about minority struggles. He grew up on the south side of Jamaica Queens, an urban area of New York City with a rough reputation. But a boarding school scholarship due to some good test scores at the age of 14 changed the course of his future, exposing Walker to some of the richest families in the world, including folks like the Rockefellers, and a world of wealth and…

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Opening Keynotes by Brother Jitu Brown and Newark Student Leader Tanaisa Brown

Diane Ravitch's blog

This is the final video that I will post from the Second Annual Conference of the Network for Public Education. Every keynote was superb, and this one was no exception. Brother Jitu Brown is the leader of Journey for Justice, which organizes parents and grassroots leaders to demand their rights; with others, his organization is filing civil rights complaints against cities that deny equality of educational opportunity. Tanaisa Brown from the Newark Students Union opened first; she and seven other high school students conducted a sit-in in the offices of Newark superintendent Cami Anderson. Tanaisa is finishing her junior year.

Brother Jitu and Tanaisa opened the conference on a high note and set the tone for everything that followed.

It is wonderful; please watch.

I have a special debt to Tanaisa, as she and her colleagues from the Newark Student Union presented me with a selfie-stick at the end of…

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