Opening Keynotes by Brother Jitu Brown and Newark Student Leader Tanaisa Brown

Diane Ravitch's blog

This is the final video that I will post from the Second Annual Conference of the Network for Public Education. Every keynote was superb, and this one was no exception. Brother Jitu Brown is the leader of Journey for Justice, which organizes parents and grassroots leaders to demand their rights; with others, his organization is filing civil rights complaints against cities that deny equality of educational opportunity. Tanaisa Brown from the Newark Students Union opened first; she and seven other high school students conducted a sit-in in the offices of Newark superintendent Cami Anderson. Tanaisa is finishing her junior year.

Brother Jitu and Tanaisa opened the conference on a high note and set the tone for everything that followed.

It is wonderful; please watch.

I have a special debt to Tanaisa, as she and her colleagues from the Newark Student Union presented me with a selfie-stick at the end of…

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