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Research Tool: The Ultimate Research Assistant

I learned about this tool during the summer.  This research tool, appropriately named “The Ultimate Research Assistant” does more than list websites on a specific topic.  This tool “reads” the information from each website and extracts the main points or themes from each link, and creates a report summarizing the information from each website.  Once the report is generated, a student could export the report and begin to write his/her research paper using the results from this report.  A word of caution:  the report summarizes the information from the website.  I would recommend the student visit each website and read the entire content for him/herself.

Advanced searching allows the user to refine his/her search to only internet sites, educational sites, governmental sites, and other subject specific sites.

This tool is free and easy to use and understand.

For additional information on how this tool works, click on this YouTube video:

Explore The Ultimate Research Assistant.  It can be a useful tool for research.

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Holistic and Individualized Formative Assessment of Research and Inquiry Processes

The Unquiet Librarian

For the last two weeks, our students have been immersed in investigating information and constructing new understandings as they have been composing their research design proposals, revising sections of their proposals, and doing additional research after focusing and narrowing their topics and research questions.  As they have gone back and forth in refining their topics and questions and doing the subsequent additional research, we’ve seen our students move back and forth between confusion/doubt/uncertainty/discomfort and clarity.  Most students are not used to doing this sort of deep dive with a topic, making their own choices about the topic and research questions, articulating how they demonstrating growth in their learning, or selecting their learning products; consequently, the messiness of choice and ownership of their projects has been a new experience (and uncomfortable to varying extents) for them.  Sarah Rust and I have also experienced a spectrum of emotions in this inquiry…

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