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Congress Creates the Bill of Rights App: Android and PDF Release

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The Center for Legislative Archives is pleased to announced that our mobile app for tablets, Congress Creates the Bill of Rights, is now available for Android devices and as a PDF. The app situates the user in the proposals, debates, and revisions that shaped the Bill of Rights. Its menu-based organization presents a historic overview, a detailed study of the evolving language of each proposed amendment as it was shaped in the House and Senate, a close-up look at essential documents, and opportunities for participation and reflection designed for individual or collaborative exploration.

Congress Creates the Bill of Rights App

We also have online resources available for teachers and students to facilitate learning with the app.

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Here’s A First Look At Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan


[tc_dropcap]Apple’s next big update for OS X is coming this fall, but we’ve already spent some time with the preview, and can share some initial impressions about OS X 10.11 El Capitan with you, dear reader. [/tc_dropcap]Here’s a look at some of the marquee features, and what they bring to the experience.

Video Preview

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I’m starting out with something that may seem minor to many because it happens to be among my favorite new additions to OS X with the El Cap update: Notes. The native Notes app in OS X has long been a staple of mine for quick memos, thanks in large part to cross-platform syncing, but I often fall back to TextEdit for longer work because of the limitations of Notes as a more robust word processor.

Now, Apple has added a lot of muscle to Notes in 10.11, turning into a much better…

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