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Another Cool Tool!

When I visited Cool Tools for Schools, I thought it was the place for learning about Web 2.0 tools. Thanks to Diigo, I have learned about another site that has information about Web 2.0 tools. This wiki, titled WebTools4U2Use, is designed by a school librarian for school librarians. However, educators from all disciplines can use this site. This wiki is very interactive: you can click on a tool, listen to music, and leave a note! In addition, this particular wiki features a page titled Finding the Right Tool. This page helps educators find the right tool according to the task, learning and cognitive style. This wiki is pretty cool!

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Cool Tools for Educators

I added a new link to my sidebar. Cool Tools for Schools has links to many web-based applications that educators can use to enhance and improve student learning. The tools are categorized by type, such as presentation, organization, video, research and more. Click on a category and you will see a list of the different tools, a brief description of each tool, and a link for a demonstration. I’d say that is pretty cool! Check it out!

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End of the Year Review

Truly, it is okay that I have not posted a blog since April 2008! I refuse to beat up myself and make excuses for not blogging for over a year. Instead, I will focus on something different.
In a previous post, I mentioned that I was creating pages for students and educators. These pages would list websites, with annotations, that students and educators can access and use. I changed my mind.
I changed the appearance of my blog and added one page: Websites, Web 2.0 tools. So far, this page is dedicated to students.
The websites for teachers are listed under links. Teachers can access these links quickly without having to navigate to another page.
Since 2008, there are so many new and exciting Web 2.0 tools that students can use! I’ll be posted them shortly. In the meantime, explore the links I have posted.