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Twitter Throws Its Weight Behind The FCC’s Net Neutrality Push


Twitter backs the FCC’s push to pass new net neutrality regulations it underlined today, publishing a blog post calling for the passage of open Internet rules that will prevent throttling, paid prioritization. The company also advocated for the regulation of wireless connections under net neutrality rules.

The FCC will vote on its open Internet proposal later this week.

Given the long cycle of the net neutrality debate, Twitter is hardly the first company or voice to make its opinion known on the matter. But the company’s statement bolstering the FCC’s position, coming as it does just days ahead of the vote itself, carries new weight.

Twitter, however, stops short of supporting the specific legal foundation (Title II) selected by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan. Here’s the key section (Bolding: TechCrunch):

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed securing the legal foundation for these rules in Title II of the Communications Act (along with other statutory…

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