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Congress Snipes And Gripes On Eve Of Net Neutrality Vote


It’s net neutrality eve, putting both Washington and Silicon Valley on collective edge. To some extent.

In service to you, I awoke early this morning so that I could tune into a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on the issue of net neutrality. However, the discourse was so dull, containing as far as I could tell the precise same talking points that have become rote through diminishing repetition, that I fell back asleep.

Even the $11 billion figure of supposed new taxes and fees that would materialize if the FCC’s plan is voted into effect was trotted out. Of course, as the FCC states on its website, the proposed order “will not impose, suggest or authorize any new taxes or fees.” So, either the FCC doesn’t get its own plan, or Congress is sluggish in its ability to do sums.

Regardless, only one of two House hearings that was set to occur today in fact…

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