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The plan for American Education

Peter Greene actually is a plan to reconfigure American education. This is not humor or parody. The is not fake news. It is real. The religious right has waited a long time to put one of their own in charge of the Department of Education. Now they have succeeded. Now the plan begins.

via Peter Greene: The Hard Right Plan for American Education — Diane Ravitch’s blog

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Reading Strategically

We own too many books. I’ve confessed this before, and it surprises no one. Don and I spend too much time sorting, culling, dusting, moving, and shelving books. Without constant maintenance, our book collection would take over our lives and home. We have tried to control our book hoarding tendencies, but it’s a losing battle. […]

via So Many Books, So Little Time: Tips for Reading Strategically by Donalyn Miller — Nerdy Book Club

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Public School Advocacy

Bob Braun was a star investigative reporter in New Jersey. Now he is retire and blogs about the misdeeds and antics and corruption in his state. He is deeply knowledgeable about education. In this post, he wonders whether the allies of public education have the guts and the will to save their public schools from […]

via Bob Braun: Do Public School Advocates Have the Will to Save Their Schools? — Diane Ravitch’s blog

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Weekly Diigo Posts (weekly) — The Reading Zone

Heinemann Professional Development Workshops: Book Love: Developing Depth, Stamina and Passion in Adolescent Readers Place every single student- no exceptions- on a reading journey. @pennykittle #engchat tags: engchat twitter One more reason to bring my dog to class: How to G One more reason to bring my dog to class: How to Give […]

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