The NPE 50-State Report, as Told in Mother Jones

Diane Ravitch's blog

I am re-posting this article because I neglected to insert the correct link on the first go-round.

It is an excellent job of reporting by Kristina Rizga, who has been writing about education for several years and spent four years embedded in a high school in San Francisco, which became an excellent book titled “Mission High.”

The purpose of the NPE report card is to change the conversation about how to rate schools. The important point is to hold states and districts accountable for making sure schools have the resources they need to be successful with their students. If they underfund the schools, if they focus too much on high-stakes testing, if they divert precious resources to privatization via charters and vouchers, they are not valuing public education.

And that is the point: Which states value public education? Which have resisted the fads and terrible policies pushed by the federal…

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