Faculty Senate of Eastern Michigan University Votes “No Confidence” in Board of Regents

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The faculty senate of Eastern Michigan University voted no confidence in the university’s Board of Regents because it failed to withdraw from its sponsorship of Governor Rick Snyder’s Educational Achievement Authority, as it had promised a year earlier.m, based on its failure.
Here is the senate’s resolution:

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Faculty Senate

Eastern Michigan University
Resolution 2016-02-03
Whereas the Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents, at the behest of the Governor’s office, entered into an Interlocal Agreement with the School District for the City of Detroit creating the Educational Achievement Authority (EAA) in June of 2011, and
Whereas the Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents passed a resolution on December 5, 2014 explicating their intent to provide notice of withdrawal from the EAA agreement in December 2015 unless substantial progress was made in four areas: 1) a stronger partnership between Eastern Michigan University and the Educational Achievement Authority; 2) demonstrated…

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