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The Future Of The Web Is All About Context


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Imagine a world where search engines proactively send recommended articles, people and companies to their users — and all of these recommendations are extremely helpful and relevant. This is an example of using context for discovery, and it’s the future of the Internet.

Unfortunately, today’s search engines aren’t mind readers. Not even close. It’s not until the user begins typing the information they’re looking for that the search engine begins to “think.”

But what if the search engine could begin thinking before the user? What if a search engine could take into account the many facets of our lives — our browsing history, our calendar events, our personal connections, etc. — then provide recommendations for us that are unique, relevant and personalized?

What if a search engine could do the work for us before we began typing?

Thankfully, things are beginning to change for the better. The Internet…

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Library Media Specialist in a Detroit public high school.

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