Day Three Writing 101: Three Most Important Songs

Today’s Prompt: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Wow!  I love a lot of songs! To narrow my choices to three is difficult to say the least.  I will try my best but there are no guarantees.

I love “First Light” by Freddie Hubbard.  The trumpet is the main instrument of the song; however Hubbard makes that instrument sing! From beginning to end, the trumpet is dominant and always in control even through the improvisation. The song starts slow, pick up in the middle with improvisation, and ends with a slow smooth sound.  The other instruments add the perfect balance and harmony to the dominant trumpet sound, never trying to drown out the trumpet.  I never met or knew Freddie Hubbard personally.  However, judging from this song, I can tell Hubbard put a lot of time, energy, and discipline to playing and mastering this instrument.  As a master of the instrument, he also chose band members who were equally masters of their instruments.  He needed these band members to create the balance and harmony of the song. Perhaps that is one of the reasons Hubbard was considered a jazz legend.

Another song that I love is Angelique Kidjos “Fifa”.  “Fifa” is also the title of her cd.  Although she speaks in her native language, and I do not know the translation, it still is a beautiful song to me.  Angelique was trying to combine her African culture, music, beats with that of the Western culture, music, and beats.  It is sometimes difficult for international artists to do because Western culture, music, and beats are difficult to define and confine.  However, Angelique’s strong tenor/alto voice comes through against the soft and quiet background of the music and background vocals.

Minnie Riperton’s “Inside My Love” is a classic sensual love song between two lovers.  I love how she tells the story of love from beginning to end.  First it’s the hearts, then the spirits, and then the bodies; all three are needed for a total love relationship and experience.  Her multi-octave voice is the perfect pitch to describe the love experience.


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