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Congress Returns Next Week With A Tech-Heavy Agenda


Congress is back from a recess this week, and with lawmakers we’ll see the return of some familiar issues.

We will see Congress address patent reform and cybersecurity in the coming weeks. Once lawmakers finish with cybersecurity, it’s possible we could even see legislation related to National Security Agency (NSA) phone record collection before the end of the month. 

These are all issues Congress has tried and failed to address before. Patent reform died in the Senate last spring, controversial cybersecurity legislation never saw a floor vote last year and a NSA reform bill could not pass a Senate procedural vote last December.

As these issues return to the Hill, we’ll also be tracking challenges to net neutrality. The Federal Register will likely publish the Federal Communication Commission’s rulemaking on Monday, making it officially open season for telecoms and other opponents to file lawsuits against the agency.

Patent Reform

Patent reform is up first…

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