Unlocking My Mind for Twenty Minutes

To improve my blogging habit, I enrolled in a Blogging 101 Course!  This is one of several ways to regularly write blogs, particularly on this blog, Lifelong Quest.  I am forever learning; thus learning is a lifelong quest.  And learning to regularly write my own posts is one of my quests.

As a blogger, I wrestle with so many things: what topics? long or short? educational? recreational? informational? Should it be related to my role as a media specialist? or related to one of my hobbies?  What should I write?  Most of my posts have been educational/informational and that has been safe for me.  However, in order for me to become a better blogger, I should probably step out of my safety and comfort zone.  I’m sure Blogging 101 will provide many opportunities to do this!

As I attempt to unlock my mind and allow it to drift, I’m thinking about my evening and all the tasks I wish to accomplish before I go to sleep.  I’m thinking about tomorrow, what time I should get up and work out at the gym, and whether or not I should call about my squeaky brakes.  I’m also thinking about what I should eat for lunch and/or dinner, and who I will select for my poem a day, and jazz artist for the day for my other blog.  Sometimes I need to just stay in the present, and not focus on the “tomorrow”.  Enjoy the moment, I’ve heard people say more than once.  Sometimes I have a difficult time doing that.

I’m also thinking about a student who committed suicide this weekend.  He graduated, either in 2012 or 2013.  He was talented and I thought a bright future!  One of his closest friends said she texted him before his death.  He assured her nothing was wrong.  She kept pressing him, but he kept saying nothing was wrong.  But something was indeed wrong, and now he is gone.  We will never know the reason for his suicide.  But he had some friends that would have been there for him, like his closest friend who texted him, if he just said something was wrong and talked about it.


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