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The Net Neutrality Quiet Period


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently in its weeklong ‘sunshine’ period before the February 26 meeting that will see the agency vote on new net neutrality regulations. The sunshine period means that the FCC takes time away from external meetings on the topics it is going to vote on. Also, missives sent to the FCC during the period do not make it into the formal record of the issue.

That was the situation that saw a deluge of commentary this past week, as groups and Congress tried to get their final say in. Given that I hope you did not spend your past week or so, as I did, reading as many Hot Takes on the issue as I could, let’s go over some of the best, and the rest.

Commissioner Ajit Pai’s One-Man Army

Commissioner Ajit Pai held a press conference dinging Chairman Tom Wheeler’s net neutrality plan, followed…

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