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Obama Signs Executive Order Encouraging Private-Sector Companies To Share Cyber Security Information


President Barack Obama asked for more collaboration and the open sharing of information between private-sector companies and the U.S. government at the White House Cybersecurity Summit at Stanford today.

While pushing for that collaboration, he admitted it would be a challenge to both keep up with cyber threats and protect American’s right to privacy at the same time. “Protecting the American people while making sure government is not abusing its capabilities is hard. The cyber world is sort of the Wild Wild West and to some degree we are asked to be the sheriff,” he told a crowd at the Memorial Auditorium.

To encourage the sharing of information between the government and private industry in case of cybersecurity threats, Obama signed an Executive Order at the end of his speech. One of those provisions encourages information sharing and analysis organizations (ISAOs), which would serve as points of contact for information sharing…

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