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Top FCC Lawyer: Agency Will Win “Inevitable” Legal Fight Over Net Neutrality


Gigi Sohn, the FCC chairman’s special counsel for external affairs, spoke to TechCrunch about the net neutrality plan FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler released Wednesday. The plan, which will use Title II of the Communications Act to ensure open Internet, is the strongest protection of a neutral Internet that the agency has ever proposed.

Sohn said the agency was “over the moon” about the plan it had developed. It has received widespread praise from technology companies, but opposition among Internet Service Providers and members of Congress is sure to instigate a legal battle.

This Friday, Sohn will host a Twitter ‘town hall’ to discuss the FCC’s plan.

After the proposal came out, Sohn broke down some of the most complex aspects of the net neutrality debate. (Responses lightly edited for clarity and length.)

On The Combination Of Title II, Section 706 and Title III reform

“We like to say it’s the belt…

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