Spanish class isn’t enough: A TED-Ed Club presentation advocates for immersive language instruction

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High school senior Yash Khatavkar takes issue with the fact that, as he was learning Spanish, his elementary school only offered one hour of Spanish instruction per week. Even as he got older, he felt like Spanish classes in school just weren’t enough to move him past the point of having to translate between English and Spanish in his head.

“I have trouble with it. I can’t do the conjugations that I need to do,” he says in his TED-Ed Club presentation. “I think the way we teach it is part of the problem.”

TED-Ed Clubs is a program that introduces students to the basics of presentation literacy and walks them through the steps of giving a TED-like talk. When Khatavkar signed up for the TED-Ed Club at Fridley High School, he knew he wanted to advocate for earlier and better language instruction, and to explore the positive benefits of multilingualism. Below, watch his presentation. And then, a short…

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