A Day in the Life in Malawi: Guest post by Francis Kachala

International Librarians Network

Today’s day in the life guest post comes from our new Country Coordinator for Malawi, Francis Kachala:

It’s tuesday morning, January 13, 2015 in Malawi and the rains which have been falling for the past 48hrs racking havoc (flooding, displacing people, disrupting education and other economic activities, destroying crops and infrastructure and in extreme cases causing deaths)  in some parts of the country continue. Despite this, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are holding anti-government peaceful demonstrations in the major cities of Lilongwe, Blantyre and Zomba and the municipality of Karonga. The street protests targets the country’s First Lady Gertrude Mutharika whose Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM) is being accused of bulldozing its way to get a K5 million grant from the National Aids Commission (NAC). Other body targeted is the tribal grouping Mulhakho wa Alhomwe whose patron is the country’s President Arthur Peter Mutharika. The grouping is also said to have…

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