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Snapchat’s New Year’s Eve “Our Story” Will Be Its Biggest Yet


Snapchat is preparing to launch its biggest “Our Story” feature yet this New Year’s Eve, documenting worldwide celebrations using curated user photos and videos from cities like New York, Dubai, St. Petersburg, Russia and more. The company says it expects to process hundreds of hours of footage to create this New Year’s Eve collaboration, which will be in the live section of the app for just 24 hours before disappearing.

Users will give Snapchat permission to use their content before it appears in the New Year’s Eve “Our Story,” says The New York Times, which was first to report the forthcoming addition to the app that’s been steadily growing in popularity with teens and young adults.

Snapchat doesn’t reveal its internal metrics, but reports have stated that the social app has more than 100 million monthly users – far higher than previous estimates from third-party firms like comScore, which earlier pegged the app as…

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