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Why Is Yahoo Still So Bad At The Basics?


I’m reluctant to cite what I’m about to cite. It’s scathing. It’s scurrilous. It’s caustic criticism that seems often overblown and, in some cases, deliberately devoid of context. It’s the New York Times Magazine‘s condensation of Nicholas Carlson’s book about Marissa Mayer, and it’s clearly an attempt to do to her what Hatching Twitterdid to Jack Dorsey.

But here it is — and I’m linking to it because I feel like I have a dog in this fight. You see, unusually for a tech columnist / software engineer, I am, to my increasing regret, a frequent and longtime Yahoo! user. Flickr is still my primary photo repository. My vanity site is still hosted on Yahoo!, and the email address it points visitors towards leads to a Yahoo! Mail account.

It says something that I actually feel I need to quickly follow the above paragraph with…

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