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Tumblr’s New Explore Button Makes It Easy To Discover Content From Its 214M Blogs


Tumblr has more 214 million blogs on its network, and its users are closing in on 100 billion posts published. That’s a hell of a lot of content, and today the Yahoo-owned company added a new discovery feature to help users find what’s interesting to them on the service, which is reportedly the internet’s fastest growing social media platform.

The new ‘Explore’ button looks like a compass and sits between the home and message button on the desktop version of the service. Clicking it serves up new content based on a few different metrics.

Explore dishes up text, photos, GIFs, quotes, audio, video and other content based on other Tumblr blog posts that a user has liked. It also mixes in content that is “trending” on the service in real-time, and it adds ‘staff picks’ which have been highlighted by the folks at Tumblr HQ.

tumblr explore

Tumblr already showcases new content from blogs a user follows in the…

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