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Kidaptive’s Latest App Learner Mosaic Puts A Preschool Teacher In Parents’ Pockets


Kidaptive, the maker of children’s educational iPad applications with a curriculum focused on Kindergarten readiness, has now released a new app designed just for parents. Called “Learner Mosaic,” the app offers parents personalized insights into how well their child is progressing based on their behavior and activity within Kidaptive’s applications, and soon, within other third-party applications that tie into the platform, as well.

The idea is to create a platform where educational apps for kids can actually assess how well they teach children the skills they claim to, and then provide parents with a toolkit to understand where their child is in terms of that skill development. Learner Mosaic then offers tips and activities for parents so they can get involved to help their child progress further.


Founded in 2012 and backed by $10 million in funding, Kidaptive’s apps combine high-quality animation to tell stories which include interactive puzzles and activities…

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