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Why Virtual Reality Is Happening Now


Oculus Rift South Park

Since the Oculus Rift first made waves with its successful Kickstarter, there’s been a consistent line of criticism based in the notion, “why would it work this time?”

It’s a fair question — you can go back decades and see myriad failed attempts to build virtual reality gear for the masses.

“Many very smart people have attempted to do this! What didn’t they see that Oculus and its compatriots see today? People didn’t want a Virtual Boy in 1995, why would they buy a Rift in 2015?”

That perspective misses one of the most important (and, almost always, obvious in hindsight) factors in tech: the actual technology that makes up a product.

Virtual Boy Screenshot This is what consumer-grade virtual reality looked like two decades ago.

Take a look at the actual pieces that, when put together in the right way, result in an Oculus headset. You’ve got a high pixel density LCD…

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